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SUPER SPECIAL….AUSTRALIAN WARSHIPS and Auxiliaries of the 1940s
compiled by Jonathan Nally
The 1940s – in particular, the period of World War II – were the busiest years for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) during the 20th century. At the beginning of the War the RAN’s fleet comprised fewer than 20 large surface combatants and various smaller support craft – by the end of the War it numbered around 150 large vessels plus numerous support and ancillary craft.
The exigencies of the War had required a huge boost in the Navies combatant fleet, and so a programme of shipbuilding and acquisition had begun. Some vessels, such as the Bathurst-class Australian minesweepers wete built in Australian Shipyards, while others (such as the N and Q class destroyers) were provided on loan from the Royal Navy. Some of those 1940s-era ships were to continue serving in the RAN for years, even decades, afterwards.
This new volume details all the major combatant and ancillary ships of the Royal Australian Navy in service during that decade.
Compiled by Jonathan Nally
ISBN 9781921327636