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Cat Speak:  Recogninsng and understnding behaiour.
Cats have a range of powerful vocal expressions. They meow, sing, purr, spit and snarl, and even when their paws are tucked neatly underneath them, their body language is still very expressive.

As a greeting they rub their bodies against each other; if they are unsure of something, they arch their back or tilt their ears. And if they don’t want to communicate face-to-face or vocally, they simply leave behind a few fragrant messages!

These pages hold is a fascinating insight into the minds of our feline friends, and here you will discover:

  • What these secretive, enigmatic creatures are really thinking
  • How cats express themselves using body language
  • Why they scratch and scent-mark

This unique book offers precise, detailed observations of the behaviour of cats at play and in general and explains in everyday language how to interpret their meaning. With clear descriptions and over 130 colour photographs, this is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand more about their cat.


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