50 weapons that changed Warfare. By William Weir


William Weir is a renowned author of historical war publications in 50 Weapons that Changed Warfare. He describes the effects of weapons used during combat and the cause of war. Superbly written and illustrated the publication.

William Weir further looks at the history of Warfare, focusing on the hardware that served those famous battles and others not as glorious. 50 WEAPONS THAT CHANGED WARFARE include devices that, strictly speaking, are weapons carriers, such as tanks and bombers, but which have had enormous effects on the conduct of war. This book describes the impact of these weapons and how and why they changed Warfare - from the bloody carnage produced by hand weapons throughout history to the never-used but universally feared fusion bomb, the sole purpose of which is to destroy millions of people while leaving buildings intact. Each weapon is described and illustrated to give a clearer picture of its usage and effects. These weapons have changed how we fight and why and when we fight. 50 WEAPONS THAT CHANGED WARFARE shows us how we got to this day and age and what was achieved to reach it.
Included are:
Individual weapons - from spears to the submachine gun.
Crew-served weapons - from battering rams to Big Bertha.
Unmanned weapons - from punji stakes to Bouncing Betty landmines and trap guns.

246 pages