The Complete history of the SAS- The story of the world’s most feared special forces


In this comprehensive book covering the period of 1941 with the first units through to the War on Terror in 2003. SAS actions are normally swift, and very hard-hitting. The SAS is one of the world’s most famous, feared and respected elite fighting forces.
224 pages which tells the full, fascinating story of the regiment, from formation in the sand dunes of Africa during World War II to the action in the Middle East in 2003.

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The British Special Air Service (SAS) is a household name, both at home and abroad. Specializing in covert reconnaissance, counterterrorism and hostage rescue. When its soldiers do battle, news of it spreads like wildfire. + and incorporates jungle, desert and urban warfare, counterterrorism and an insider's view at the selection and training methods employed by this usually secretive unit.
1940’s – Early History
1950’s- Reforming, Malaya, Oman
1960-‘s- Borneo, Aden
1970’s Oman, Northern Ireland
1980’s Falklands, Embassy Siege, Gibraltar, Gambia
1990’s Gulf War, Central America
2000’s – Selection and training, modern operations, Afghanistan, Iraq
Chronology 1941-2003
Final resting Place- Names of members deceased.
Weapons of War- index

Author Nigel Mccreary
Format Hardcover

Publication Year 2003
Number of Pages 224 Pages