Standard Operating Procedure- A War Story By Philip Gourevitch and Errol Morris


All powerful storytelling Philip Gourevitch has written a relentlessly surprising and perspective account of the front lines of the war on terror. American Soldiers working as Liberators working as jailers in Saddam Hussein's old dungeons. We are told through the voices of the soldiers who were once the instruments of a great injustice.

"Standard Operating Procedure" is the story of the infamous Abu Ghraib photographs of prisoner abuse, as seen through the eyes and told through the voices of the soldiers who took and appeared in them. It is the story of how those soldiers were once the instruments and victims of great injustice—drawing on more than two hundred hours of Errol Morris' startlingly frank and intimate interviews with the soldier photographers who gave us what have become iconic images of the Iraq War. 'A compelling meditation on a descent into cruelty' - "Daily Telegraph". 'An extraordinary book ...Although Gourevitch lets the soldiers speak for themselves, his few analytical forays are invaluable' - "Guardian".